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Special accommodation conditions in partner hotels.

PLAN, before the AR&PA Biennial:

  • What are your goals and budget?

  • What stationary will you need for your stand?

  • Which actions are best to promote your product to your target audience?

  • Tell your target audience that you will be participating at the AR&PA Biennial via e-mail, invitations, or other means;

  • Promote your products and services beforehand, as well as the activities you will be participating in (lectures, presentations, workshops, etc.);

  • Meet the deadlines defined in the Rules for Participation;

  • Plan the logistics of putting up and taking down your stand at the Biennial;

  • Organize a Schedule AR&, so that your B2B meetings do not overlap with any other activities.

MANAGEMENT, during the AR&PA Biennial:

  • Put your stand together as soon as possible, in order to leave a margin for unforseen events;

  • Check your Schedule and the activities you want to participate in, as well as the materials you need for the stand;

  • Manage time and focus on the target audience and on following your schedule. The success of your participation depends on marketing and promoting your actions.

EVALUATE, after the AR&PA Biennial:

  • Assess the AR&PA Biennial experience with your team;

  • Measure the results; 

  • Tell the press, your clients and partners about the results;

  • Share your thoughts with us, give us feedback and new ideas.


You can count on us to help you reach your goals.

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