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International Heritage Talks


Arts & Crafts as a Practice of Sustainability in Cultural Heritage

DATE: October 12th 2019

TIME: 9 am - 17 pm

LOCATION: Solar da Música Nova, Loulé

PRICE: 5,00€ *


* Out of respect for the invited speakers and wait list participants, it is required a deposit of 20,00€; 15,00€ of which will be replaced at the Welcome Desk.

The possibility of creating an economically solid "Arts & Crafts" sector in terms of turnover, bringing innovation and differentiation regarding the international market, a sector that wants to be of very high quality in terms of training and based on a training offer, if not effectively distributed, at least representative of the various knowledges of the country - all this and that genuine possibility of Portugal assuming a sector of “Arts & Crafts" truly representative of the potential stored in the villages and towns of the country and/or the handmade knowledge transmitted across generations is what cheers us in the International Heritage Talks 2019 of the Iberian Biennale of Cultural Heritage.


The theme is not only fitting given the national and international dynamics in this field, but it also emerges as a perfect match between the Biennale's global theme: sustainability applied to cultural heritage and this wisdom of capitalising on accumulated knowledge and renewing it (if necessary) in new and equally specialized knowledge.


On the other hand, the Algarve and Loulé in particular present two decisive projects in this field - Creative Loulé and TASA Project - one of these projects integrating these Talks with an exclusive tour of the workshops of this network and guided by the Coordinators of the initiative.


In the theoretical field, we have Fondazione Michelangelo with us which, through its European network of partners, has an overview of what is currently done in the field of "Arts & Crafts", both in training and  preservation, as well as innovation through design.


The purpose of these Talks is to contribute to the new cycle of "Arts & Crafts" in Portugal, seeking to affirm this aspect of cultural heritage as a paradigm of sustainability now universally proclaimed, recovering lost traditions or in the process of extinction, valuing endogenous resources as well as the knowledge of the elderly, inviting younger people to participate in these dynamics, bringing innovations in the manufacturing and design process and placing this know-how and these internationally available services.


October 12th | 9 am - 5 pm | Solar da Música Nova

 9 am 


 9.30 am 

Official opening

 9.45 am  

Keynote Speaker: Nicole Segundo, Michelangelo Foundation

"Supporting the Future of Arts & Crafts"


 10.30 am 

Moderação: Margarida Alçada do CAOP - Centro de Artes e Ofícios do Património

  • "Educating the taste, the glance and the hand" | Conceição Amaral, Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva

  • "Arts & Crafts, new design and architectural rehabilitation" | Ana Jara, Artéria 


 11.45 am 

Coffee break & Networking


Moderação: Luís Rocha, CEARTE

  • "Creative artisans" | Henrique Ralheta, Loulé Criativo/Loulé Design Lab 

  • "Artisans/Designers and their contribution to a sustainable future" | Fátima Durkee, Passa ao Futuro


 1.15 pm 

Comentator: Filipa Belo, Portugal Manual 

 1.45 pm 

Buffet Lunch

 3 pm 

Arts & Crafts in the street: immersion into the project Loulé Criativo guided by the team (Marília Lúcio, Teresa Mascarenhas, Joaquim Mealha and Patrícia Rita from Loulé City Hall) including a tour to Roda da Empreita, Boilermakers, Clay, Watchmaker and Chordophone Workshops and to the Project Store.

Michelangelo Foundation
CAOP - Centro de Artes e Ofícios do Património
Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva
Loulé Criativo/Loulé Design Lab
Passa ao Futuro
Portugal Manual
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