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The Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage resulted from the merger of  Bienal de la Restauración y Gestión del Patrimonio AR&PA, which is held in Valladolid since 1998, with Feira do Património, which was created in Portugal in 2013. The location of the Iberian Biennial alternates between Portugal (where it occurs in a different city in odd years) and Spain (in Valladolid, each even year). In 2017, the first year of this Iberian format, Amarante was chosen as the location for both Portuguese and Spanish representatives.

Thus, the Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage  has its origins in a the project led by Spira, always with the support of   Fundação Millennium bcp, as well as Junta de Castela e Leão, Consejería de Cultura y Turismo and Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural.

The AR&PA Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage is a meeting point and discussion forum for professionals and institutions working in Cultural Heritage sector. The exhibitors, diverse scientific and professional activities and social programmes make this fair a unique event, a reference in Portugal and Spain, and with an importante international dimension through HERIFAIRS.
Our main goal is to promote the Cultural Heritage business sector, through its main stakeholders, such as:
•    design and architecture studios;
•    I&D projects;
•    specialized training;
•    cultural and landscape tours;
•    cultural mediation;
•    conservation & restauration;
•    urban renewal;
•    new technologies;
•    public service;
•    international cooperation projects;
•    museology;
•    integration of Cultural Heritage in local projects.

AR&PA also tries to demonstrate how important cultural heritage can be to educate and entertain: our Cultural Programme includes heritage education for children and families, concerts, gastronomic and local handcrafted products demonstrations, professional workshops, amongst other initiatives.


Feira do Património, created by Spira, is linked to the website – an independent social media organ, which includes articles, videos and news on cultural heritage. The Fair’s  first edition was in 2013 in Lisbon, at the Museu de Arte Popular. The theme was Heritage Economics, and the it was supported by Lisbon Town Hall, DGPC and Turismo de Portugal. Fundação Millennium bcp is the event’s main sponsor. Associação Mundo Património, which promotes cultural mediation, is a partner of the event. 
In 2014, the Fair was held in Guimarães, with the subject Communicating Heritage, also with the support of the local town hall, DGPC and Turismo de Portugal. That year, in addition to Fundação Millennium bcp, AICEP supported us by internationalizing the event and its participants. This second edition was sponsored by the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and supported by UNESCO’s National Committee. It was at this point that Feira do Património -Portugal and  Bienal AR&PA (represented by Spira and Direcção General do Património Cultural of JC&L, respectively), joined forces to created a truly Iberian event. 
In 2015, the Fair was held in Coimbra, supported by Direcção Regional da Cultura do Centro,  Coimbra Town Hall, University of Coimbra and Turismo do Centro. This truly demonstrates the regional nature of the event, as each edition is held in a different city. It had the renewed support of the national partners already mentioned, and, for the first time, the Fair received EU funding. Before, the investment had mainly been supported by Spira and Fundação Millennium bcp, as well as, to a lesser extent, Turismo de Portugal.
The following year, Bienal de la Restauración y Gestión del Patrimonio AR&PA received Portugal as guest country, providing the basis for the merger of the fairs which would occur in 2017, into an Iberian event, promoted by Rota do Românico. It was supported by the Junta de Castilla y León, organised by Spira, and promoted by Amarante Town Hall and Fundação Millennium bcp as premium partner. Once again it was sponsored by the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and supported by UNESCO’s National Committee, as well as the support of DGPC and AICEP. The 2017 AR&PA was partly supported by Comunidade Intermunicipal Tâmega e Sousa, the Associação de Municípios da Valsousa e Baixo Tâmega, with investment provided by the Norte 2020 programme.

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